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news and notes -

Adieu to the MacStar

I'm discontinuing the MacStar at the end of the year. If you've, perchance, had one on your wish list, the clock is ticking. ;-)  Another option is to grab the demo that's currently for sale.

A couple personal kites...

I'm offering a couple personal/demo kites for sale. If you see something that catches your eye, please contact me.

The MacStar is pending

First up is a very sharp MacStar that I built earlier this year. It's been flown at three four festivals, and has maybe 8 hours of flight time. This example is made from nylon instead of the normal polyester, but I expect it to last for many years. The performance might just be a little better with the nylon fabric. Colors are classic red, black and white.

This is a very nice flyer, and very stable in the sky. Just enough of a rocking motion in flight to make the tail sway and keep it interesting.

A custom MacStar will run you $579, but this one can be yours for $450 plus shipping. (sale pending)

demo 61/49 is sold

demo Reprise is sold

BMK parts and specs

I've had several requests for parts and specifications for the stunt kites I made under the Blue Moon Kites banner.  With the exception of the Mamba, I no longer stock parts, nor have the measurements/specs for these kites, including bridles.

The best thing to do is the same I've done, and that is to look the info up on the Internet Archive / Wayback Machine.  Go to the archived BMK site and select support>parts>"your kite" from the site menu.

For parts, I'd suggest you contact Jon & Marieanne Trennepohl at Kites & Fun Things / Sky Burner Kites.  They are extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  Most of the replaceable parts on the BMK kites were originally purchased from them.

A change in payment terms...

I've made a small change in the way I'll be billing for orders.  For complete(?) info on the "business" side of things, please refer to my ordering page.

  • change - I’ll send an invoice when I’m ready to start your kite.  The invoice will be for the full amount, but only 50% is due at this stage.
  • new - When I have a firm handle on completion date, I'll send out a "reminder" for the balance on your invoice.  This is a change that better reflects the nature of a one-man operation and the inherent delays and distractions. 
  • change - Payment is due upon receipt of your invoice.  50% when I start your kite, and the balance before it goes in the box.

This only effects custom orders.  In-stock kites or other merchandise will be invoiced and due in full before shipping.

If you have any questions, please drop me a line, or leave a comment below. Thanks!

Adios to the Mamba

End of the day May 23rd brought an end to new orders for the Mamba.

Sunset Mamba
This closes the chapter on my longest-running sport kite. It also closes the chapter, for me, on dual line delta sport kites. Those that know me, know that I almost never say never, but I can say with certainty that there will not be another dual line kite from me, at least not in the form that's been such a large part of my work and personal life for the last 25 years. It's time for me to hitch up my big-boy pants and move forward.

To those that contacted me and added a custom Mamba to the final build list, thank you! If we haven't fleshed out the details already, I'll be in touch over the next few days.